Abdominal Mat Core Trainer / Massaging Spikes / Ab Workouts & Back Stretcher

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Sore back while training your core?

Need that little support to get you through your core routine without having to stop? Look no further we have the perfect product!

The Ab mat allows for you to have full range of motion during the entire workout without having your back flare up in pain.

This also doubles up as lower lumbar support while sitting, it helps maintain a healthy curve in your lower lumbar spine while sitting.



    • Designed contoured to your lower back to provide support and to help prevent injury during rigorous abdominal exercises.
    • Uniquely designed trigger point zone great for back massage & muscle recovery.
    • Bi-directional Zone for Spine Comfort, 12*11" for a great size for back sport massage therapy.
    • Compact & lightweight.
    • Provides lower lumbar support while being seated.



      Please note, this product comes direct from our supplier which can take between 7-14 days to arrive. (please note additional delays may occur to orders placed after 17th Jan due to Chinese new year holiday. Approx 21-28 days for delivery)