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Hydration & Exercise


Good hydration means getting the right amount of water before, during, and after exercise. Water regulates your body temperature and lubricates your joints. It helps transport nutrients to give you energy and keep you healthy. If you're not hydrated, your body can't perform at its highest level.

Fluid helps to regulate body temperature

When core temperature rises above normal, undo stress is placed on the body, which can interfere with the body’s energy systems. This interference, in turn, negatively affects both performance and recovery.


Fluid helps to regulate blood pressure

Effectively regulated blood pressure normalizes heart rate and, therefore, manages stress on the body during training and recovery. Excessive stress can lead to inflammation and other processes that can interfere with both performance and recovery.


Fluid helps in the movement and transport of essential energy nutrients

Essential macro nutrients such as carbohydrate, protein, fats and supporting nutrients that are used as energy for the body are all transported by fluid in the body. In addition, fluids help to remove the metabolic waste that is produced during intense exercise.