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Active recovery, why it's important?

Active recovery, why it's important?

What is it? Active recovery is a workout that is performed at lower intensity, reduced power or lower resistance than your regular workout. It plays an important role in our overall fitness program by balancing out high intensity interval sessions, promoting muscle recovery and maintaining the habit of working out. (approx. 20 to 30% of what you usually lift is said to be ideal for active recovery sessions) Also other forms of active recovery are- yoga, swimming, steady state walk, run or hiking, hip and core activation exercises etc.

Why its good? It helps stimulate blood flow and supplies nutrients to the working tissue without straining or tearing them down, in return a much faster recovery along with adequate sleep.

⁣When to do it? Recommend to try have one session of full body active recovery along with another full day rest during the week, you will find that you recover much faster and gets your body ready for the following week of hustle and grind!

⁣Hope this has helped, tag a friend pass it on.