Gorilla Wrist Support Wraps

  • $30.00
  • $30.00

Lift with confidence! 

Gorilla wrist wraps are designed for maximal effort work, making them an excellent choice for any competition . Wearing out Gorilla wrist wraps will give you the extra confidence you need to rep out or try a new personal best.

Designed to be super comfortable, however its main focus is to help reduce the risk of injury. These elasticated cotton wraps are fully adjustable and locked down with super strong velcro. They are 40cm long and stretch to fit all sizes, sold as a pair.

A must have accessory if you want to push through to your next PB!

Key Benefits

  •  Very supportive
  •  Ideal for all types of workouts
  •  Super comfortable
  •  Thumb loop design for easy wrapping 

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