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Muscle Engineering Cotton Resistance Band Pro Pack
Muscle Engineering Cotton Resistance Band Pro Pack
Muscle Engineering Cotton Resistance Band Pro Pack
Muscle Engineering Cotton Resistance Band Pro Pack
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Unlock the Power of Glute Building with Our Premium Cotton/Latex Bands"

Prepare for the ultimate glute transformation with our resistance bands. Designed for glute activation and strengthening, our bands provide the perfect blend of comfort and durability, unlike traditional rubber bands.

Key Features:

  • Skin-Friendly Design: Say goodbye to uncomfortable rubber bands. Our bands feature skin-friendly fabric interwoven with latex-free natural rubber.

  • Heavy-Duty Construction: Made with heavy-duty, elasticated cotton, these bands boast seven layers of grippy elastic weaving on the inside for maximum durability.

  • Progressive Training: This pack includes disc sliders that work on both soft and hard surfaces, adding an extra degree of difficulty to your workouts as you get stronger and fitter.

Product Includes:

  • Set of Disc Sliders (2 discs)

  • Three Bands (Small 13", Medium 15", Large 17")

  • FREE Carry Bag


  • Cotton & Latex-Free Natural Rubber


  • Enhanced Strength: These bands provide extra heavy resistance for accelerated strength gains.

  • Secure and Comfortable: They don't slip or coil, making them comfortable to wear on the skin.

  • Durability: Our bands are highly unlikely to snap or break, surpassing the fragility of all-latex bands.

Washing Instructions:

To maintain the quality of your bands, follow these care guidelines:

  • Machine washable (60°C)

  • Avoid using softeners

  • Iron with low temperature

  • Dry at low temperature

  • Avoid chlorine treatment and chemical cleaning

  • Shield from direct solar radiation to extend material life

Revamp your glute-building journey with our premium Cotton/Latex Bands. Experience comfort, durability, and progressive training like never before.

Are you ready to shape and tone your glutes to perfection? Order your Glute Building and Toning Bands today and elevate your workout experience with the ultimate in resistance training.