Cotton Elastic Kinesiology Tape 100% Cotton

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Product details

Muscle Engineering has teamed up with ProCircle for some awesome fitness accessories. ProCircle- 100% Cotton kinesiology tape, this product helps to increase blood flow around the muscles that it is applied to. The design pattern moves with your skin and muscles to provide ultimate support and comfort. Easy to cut and shape, no restrictive, waterproof and breathable.


Material: Cotton & Medical Glue

Color: 11 colours to select from

Material: Cotton + Medical glue

Tape Length: 5M/197 inch(Approx)

Tape Width: 2.5/3.8/5cm

Package: 1 pcs Kinesiology Tape

Application:Shoulder/ Back/ Abdominal/ Forearm/ Thigh/ Calf/ Knee/ Feet/ Wrist/ Chest/ Ankle

Please note, this product comes direct from our supplier which can take between 7-14 days to arrive.