About Us

Muscle Engineering was always a dream waiting to be turned into reality.

In early 2010, I dreamed of creating a fitness brand that naturally drew people together to be more like a fit-community. Life, however, had other ideas and threw a few curve balls my way, and the real business did not get underway until the start of 2017!

The hardest part of our journey was realising that I was my biggest obstacle, self-doubt made me believe that I didn’t have the time, or I wasn't good enough and this was followed closely by the “nay-sayers”, the “you can’t do that” or the “it’s too difficult to do or to accomplish something great”.

In 2017, I wrote out my goals and began slowly chipping away at them - as the saying goes, Rome was not built in a day.

Fast forward to 2018, a year after putting pen to paper I have finally launched!