5pce Natural Latex Loop Resistance Bands Set

  • $45.00
  • $45.00

A great way to tone, shape, stretch all with one product!

Resistance loop bands are great for everyone of all fitness levels. Use them resistance bands for legs, arms, back or shoulder work outs, also a great way to help prevent injuries by using them in your warm up or cool down and during injury rehabilitation. 

You can use them individually or stack them up together to provide up to 34kg of tension! 


Package include: 5 bands + free carry pouch

Length: 60cm (circumference)

Material: Natural Latex

Width: 5.0 cm

Thickness: Black 1.1mm /Red 0.9mm /Yellow 0/.7mm/Blue 0.5mm /Green 0.35mm

Tensile Strength: 2.2kg - 34kg (34kg is created when all bands are combined together)

Colour: Black/Red/Yellow/Blue/Green

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