4 Pce Heavy Duty Large Loop Resistance Bands Set

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Training from home or out and about?

Heavy duty resistance bands are great for women and men of all fitness levels. Use them resistance bands for legs, arms, back or shoulder work outs, with 4 levels to choose from you can use them individually or stack them up together to provide and intense workout! Great for functional training, power lifting bands,assisted pull ups, calastetics/street training and much more. 


Material: Natural Latex

Tensile Strength: 4.5kg - 55kg 

Colour: Red / Black / Purple / Green 

Red band width: 1.27CM- Light Resistance: 4.5 kg to 15 kg

Black band width: 2.29CM- Medium Resistance: 9 kg to 29 kg

Purple band width: 2.9CM- Heavy Resistance: 15 kg to 38 kg

Green band width: 4.57CM- X-Heavy Resistance: 22 kg to 56 kg

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